Being a waiter or waitress is often one of the first paying jobs, after babysitting and mowing lawns, that our youth experience. A job in the service industry teaches responsibility, time management, customer service and how to deal with a variety of different people. However there is very little training available for a position that has the potential to offer a variety of fundamental life-skills. Brit Jones, a seasoned professional, realized a need in the hospitality industry for a comprehensive resource for those waiting tables. His experience, coupled with his desire for continual professional improvement, led to the creation of “A Waiter’s Companion.”

“Most restaurant companies experience a high rate of turn-over in their wait staff and therefore few provide training to help them hone their craft,” said Brit Jones, author. “Over the last several years I have jotted down notes on scraps of paper when I encountered an experience or a tip that I thought new waiters should know. This book has been a culmination of over five years of creating those “best practice” notes that will help new waiters not only be the best at their job but will also help them provide diners their best possible experience.”

“A Waiter’s Companion” is divided into sections that can be taught by managers or used as training material to help understand the expectations of waiters and how to create that flawless dining experience. From time management to subtle details that can enhance the experience, as well as increase the potential for tips, this comprehensive training guide offers wisdom for the new waiter.

As someone who dines out quite frequently, I find that the tips Brit offers are what sets apart an okay dining experience from a memorable one. Brit offers tips that will help those just starting out as well as those who want to excel in their craft. It is an easy-to-read guide that would also make a great gift for parents of young adults just starting out in their work life.

“People don’t typically set out to be a waiter as their life’s work,” said Brit. “However, many use their waiting experience as a way to make money as they attend college or save up for their next adventure. This book will help them improve their skills so that they are the best candidate for restaurant managers who are hiring as well as improve their tip potential.” --Deborah Chaddock

Hey Brit, I just finished reading your book, 'A Waiter's Companion" I was impressed with the details and practical common sense you conveyed. Plus, it was great fun to just read! This book should be given to all folks who work in the hospitality business! ❤️️--Jan Jewell, San Antonio, TX  December 2016

This book is a perfect complement to anyone who is going to be working as a server in the restaurant business. The best tips are inside! Learn strategies on how to successfully interact with the public, managers, and co-workers. There are suggestions on technique, word choice, and general guiding principles to encourage and support your evolving hospitality mentality.

Chapter 1:  What is Hospitality?

Chapter 2:  Service 101

Chapter 3:  What a Manager Expects      From You

Chapter 4:  Know Your Product

Chapter 5:  What We Say and What We Do

Chapter 6: Nonverbal Communication

Chapter 7: The Hygiene Boundary

Chapter 8: Things That Can Go Wrong